Ceped Branding Package and Checklist for Businesses in Nigeria

Kindly take your time to read and Discover everything you need to create a successful branding package. Plus, explore beautiful branding package examples to inspire you.

Regardless of the kind of goods or services you offer, you must project the proper image to your target audience. The only way to accomplish this is with the aid of a well-defined brand identity. Making a brand package for your company, business/organisation is one strategy to establish a consistent brand identity.

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What is Branding Package ?

A branding package, expressed simply, is a collection of all the visual materials required to develop a unified brand identity. Many digital and print assets are frequently included in a complete branding package. Exames include letterhead, email signatures, colour schemes, product packaging, and anything else you might need to establish a distinctive brand identity.

Branding Package Essentials

A custom brand package may include anything that speaks about your business such as Logo design, Colour Palette , Letterhead, Brand Style, Brand Typography and many others.


Any business can benefit from a well-defined logo as it encourages consumers to develop strong emotional ties to their brands. Your branding Package should include multiple different iterations of your unique logo for the best outcomes. Building a consistent brand identity across all platforms is easier when a logo is available in various variations.

Colour Palette:

Include a color palette in your brand bundle if you want to keep your visual identity constant. All the brand colors you use to design signs, product packaging, stationery, social media headlines, and other marketing materials are contained in a color palette. The colors you select should reflect the character of your brand and work to evoke strong feelings in your target market.

Brand Typography:

Typography decisions have a great impact on how people view your brand. Whether you’re designing a printed banner or an email header, you need to think about font type, text size, and text placement. — the empty space around text and graphics — is also an important consideration. Your brand guidelines should tell designers what fonts they can use and include explicit instructions regarding capitalization, spacing, and size.

Brand Style Guide:

Consider the style guide as a thorough guideline used to establish your brand and encourage uniform communication. Once you have a basic brand identity package, you can add photographic requirements, usage restrictions for logos, and information to help content writers and other staff members attain the ideal tone while creating your marketing materials to create a style guide.

Other Branding Package Collateral

Once you have the basic elements of your branding package in place, you can create additional assets and use them to make your communications even more consistent. The right elements for a branding package depend heavily on the size of your business and what type of audience you serve. Consider adding the following to your existing package or creating a new branding package to accompany a complete rebrand of your business.

Social Media Graphics:

Your social media pages should match your website and other promotional materials in terms of colors, fonts, and typography. One of the best ways to ensure consistency is to add social media graphics to your branding package. Many of these graphics are used as headings on profile pages, ensuring that anyone who sees your profile associates it with your brand.


This aspect should not be overlooked in a brand package. This include letterheads, business cards and stickers.

Email Template:

Before you write a single word of copy, you must have an eye-catching design that adheres to the guidelines in your branding package. Using email templates can help you save time and increase consistency, reducing the number of revisions needed before you click “send”. (Logo, Colours, Images, Texts, Footer)

Miscellaneous Assets:

Big companies may have more than a dozen assets in their brand packages. These assets include icon set , stickers, product packaging, signage, event branding, company merchandise (“merch”), and brochures. The more guidelines and samples you include in your branding package, the more opportunities you have to ensure consistency in every brand message. Including these items also makes it easier to hire and manage graphic designers, photographers, freelance writers, and other independent contractors who have the skills needed to grow your brand.

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